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Speeding offences vary in how seriously they are treated by the law. Minor cases (often meaning just a few miles an hour over the speed limit) may be dealt with by issuing penalty points and a small fine, or even the offer or a speed awareness course. More serious cases can be prosecuted for Dangerous Driving and even face a ban or imprisonment.

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Disqualification through ‘totting up’ of penalty points

If you are prosecuted for a motoring offence such as speeding and you already have substantial penalty points on your license, this could lead to you reaching a total of 12 penalty points and therefore being eligible for an automatic driving disqualification. This is called ‘totting up’ of penalty points.

If you are facing this problem then it may be possible to argue against a driving disqualification if mitigating circumstances can be shown. If mitigating circumstances do in fact exist, we can try and argue your case in the Courts with the aim of obtaining a lower penalty and avoiding a disqualification.

This type of defence can be used where there are Special Reasons why the offence was committed, or where the imposition of a penalty may cause Exceptional Hardship.

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